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See also: spate in full spate 1. A sudden flood, rush, or outpouring: " It issues a spate of words from the loudspeakers and the politicians". In spate meaning.
Spate synonyms, spate pronunciation, spate translation, English dictionary definition of spate. Spate definition, a sudden, almost overwhelming, outpouring: a spate of angry words. There was a spate of corporate mergers in the 1980s. A larger number of events than usual, especially unpleasant ones, happening at about the same time: 2. The occurrence of a water flow resulting from sudden rain or melting snow Familiarity information: SPATE used.
If a river is in ( full) spate, it has more water in it. Happening or being undertaken at a fast pace or with a. Definition of spate in English: spate. Dictionary entry overview: What does spate mean? 1 A large number of similar things coming in quick succession. Of a river, stream, creek, etc.
• SPATE ( noun) The noun SPATE has 3 senses:. A spate of books on the subject have come out recently. , running with a higher volume of water than is normal. In spate Of a river, stream, creek, etc. Spate definition: 1.
‘ A spate of viruses could force carriers to beef up their customer support staffs, which would drive up prices for all users. Spate • The poll results come amid a spate of bad news for tobacco companies. • These questions have been raised by leading palaeontologists and archaeologists in a spate of articles in newspapers and journals. A sudden forceful flow 3. • If a statutory definition were to be promulgated, it would lead to confusion, and a spate of litigation.
A spate of things, especially unpleasant things, is a large number of them that happen or appear within a short period of time. Chiefly British a. ( often followed by ' of' ) a large number or amount or extent 2. Once the snowfall melts and the river is in spate, there' s a real danger of soil erosion creating hazards of the footpaths and bridges around it.
Primarily heard in UK. ‘ a spate of attacks on holidaymakers’.